In all of my adult life I have never had a doctor who listened cared, and really looked at all of my medical history.  Every aspect of my health you covered thoroughly.  You have been such an inspiration for me that I been able to change my habits, complete physical therapy, quit smoking and cut caffeine intake in 1/2 of what I would consume before..You found in the MRI that it [physical therapy] would hurt me, possibly cripple me, and surgery was the only option.  It saved my life.  I thank God I was sent you.

 - Rodriguez,  Lakemoor IL     November 2011        

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At the age of 42 I suffered from a stroke, which turned my world upside down.  One of the most devastating residual effects from the stroke was debilitating muscle spasms and tremors.  These issues compromised my quality of life.
With a recommendation from my neurologist I sought treatment with Dr. Ricardo Senno.  My initial appointment was a positive life changing event.  His approach embraces treating the patient, not just the symptoms.  His philosophy toward patient care encompasses compassion, creativity, and collaboration.
Dr. Senno truly listened to my concerns and developed multiple treatment options, geared toward improving my functionality.   Additionally, he collaborated with my other physicians to ensure everyone was on board with my program of care. 
While working with Dr. Senno I developed "new normals."  These have greatly improved my quality of life.  My family and I will be forever grateful.
- Jordan,  Lincolnwood IL     2011


Dear Dr. Ricardo Senno,     ..To The Best Doctor in the Entire World and to the crew - Mr. Louie who always provides the best First Impression when we walk in to your office.

-  Mr. & Mrs. Hebda, Lincolnwood     2012